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What We Do

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. When it happens, Our HeartSine® Automated External Defibrillators (AED) technology can help make the difference between life and death.

Since 1998, we have been designing and manufacturing AED for the lay, minimally trained rescuer who is often first at the scene.

Available in 23 languages and saving lives in more than 40 countries, our clinically advanced, reliable, easy-to-use AED devices are the best way to prepare for the worst.

Make sure you don’t settle for less. It’s lifesaving, pure and simple.

Our Work

Key points on what differentiates the HeartSine® AED.


1.      Most Portable. One of the smallest and lightest (only 1.1kg) AED on the market, so it’s the most convenient AED to use and store.


2.      Most Durable. Has the highest durability rating of all AED (Ingress protection rating against dust and water of IP56 and US Military one-meter drop test). So you can use it practically in any kind of environment – like staff activities, staff family day or corporate events held outdoor;


3.      Most Reliable. HeartSine AEDs offers the longest warranty of 10 years against manufacturing defects. A complimentary AED loaner set is readily available should the AED requires servicing. Even the HeartSine’s one-click Pad-Pak comes with the industry’s longest warranty.


4.      Technology Advantage. Utilizes proprietary electrode technology, advanced firmware, stable software, proprietary SCOPETM Biphasic Technology to assess rhythm and recommend defibrillation if necessary. Most importantly, the CPR advisor in 500P is able to provide feedback to the rescuer on their CPR quality.


5.      Lowest Maintenance Cost. Unlike competitors' AED that requires separate consumable expiration dates for customers to track and replace, the HeartSine is simpler and less costly to maintain due to single-unit battery/electrode replacement cartridge. Both Battery & Defibrillation pads are stored in a single cartridge. So, there is only 1 single expiry date to monitor.


6.      Lowest Cost of Ownership. Lowest labor cost, lowest maintenance cost, field upgradeable and low acquisition costs. Easy to replace as Pad-Pak contains both electrodes and batteries.


7.      Easiest to Use. Designed for use by rescuers of all skill levels. Our simple two-button operation and voice/visual prompts with clear instruction guide the user through every step, including pad placement, shock delivery and CPR.


8.    Audio and Visual aids. During noisy environment, the rescuer can use the visual aids to guide them through the rescue process. 


9.    Available for adults and children.


10.  Auto Weekly Self-Test. To ensure its readiness.


11.  Fully Upgradable to AHA/ERC or local guidelines.


Our Track Record

For your information, some of our many notable HeartSine AED local users include:

  • Ministry of Health (MOH), 
  • Parliament of Singapore, 
  • Ministry of Manpower (MOM), 
  • Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources (MEWR), 
  • Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF), 
  • Singapore Prisons Service, 
  • Auditor-General's Office (AGO), 
  • Employment and Employability Institute (E2I), 
  • Energy Market Authority (EMA), 
  • Public Utilities Board (PUB), 
  • Singapore Community Centers, 
  • National Environment Agency (NEA), 
  • Liang Court
  • Underwaterb World
  • Singapore Turf Club
  • NTUC Income, 
  • Garden by the Bay, 
  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel, 
  • IBM Singapore .....and many others. 

We have also been awarded 2 of the largest AED contract in Singapore:

  • 1,850 units of HeartSine samaritan PAD for the Singapore Army Camps; 
  • 2,250 units of HeartSine Samaritan PAD for all the Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges in Singapore. 


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Heartsine SAM PAD 350P

HeartSine® Samaritan® PAD 350P Defibrillator

Heartsine PAD 500P

HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 500P Defibrillator

Basically, the only difference between the basic model (350P) and the 500P is that the 500P has the CPR advisor feature that will coach the rescuer to give a quality CPR by giving feedback like “Push harder”, “Push faster”, “Push slower”, or “Good Compression” using Impedance Cardiogram (ICG) technology.

This has been proven to increase the CPR quality among lay rescuer and increased the survival rate of SCA victims. It is important to note that HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P with CPR Advisor is unique and fundamentally different to other AED brand that uses accelerometer technology which only measures the depth of compressions.

AED brand that utilizes accelerometer technology will only give positive feedback if sufficient force is being applied to a transducer placed on the chest. It takes no consideration for differences in patient size and shape or CPR on soft or moving surfaces (beds, boats, etc.). Only HeartSine’s CPR Advisor is based on how much output the compressions are actually achieving by using the HeartSine’s patented Impedance Cardiogram (ICG) technology.